When we move in accordance with our rhythm,
we thrive from the gifts of our experience.

Susan is a multi-media artist returning to her calling as a counselor and guide. She supports those she serves with unique wisdom through her practice, A Wanderer’s Way.

Susan freely shares what she learns from her studies as a somatic trauma therapist; her education and experience as a marriage and family therapist; as a student of the unconscious as it is revealed in dreams, I Ching, Tarot and other ancient practices; and, the healing power of being in relationship with nature and the creative process.

Also known as Sackjo22. . . .

SackJo22 is Susan’s creative avatar -- the name under which she shares her voice as a writer/vocalist/composer/music curator/producer/podcaster. As Sackjo22, Susan works with image, with language, with song, with sound, with layers of harmony. She creates transformational soundscapes for film, theater, installations and healing.



“Sackjo22” emerged in 2009 when Susan joined the international remix site, ccMixter; it’s her log-in name.

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A Wanderer’s Way

An individualized practice for psycho-spiritual growth and development.

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The Imaginal Cell

Creative offerings and resources to facilitate consciousness, transformation and sacred action.