Guided by the voice of SackJo22, Songs of Dreams is an evocative collection of song and soundscape.  Sometimes speaking, sometimes singing, sometimes bold, sometimes gentle, the songs are meditative, reflective, imperative.

Composed using source material freely shared in the commons, with tracks produced by SackJo22 and others, Songs of Dreams starts with a jazz track, ends with a house track, and includes some experimental ambient chill, a touch of tribal, and a bit of singer-songwriter pop in between.  

Infused with vocal harmonies and featuring the inimitable guitar stylings of Haskel Joseph throughout, SackJo22’s poetic lyrics encourage the listener to embody their experience in support of healing and transformation.  

Each of these songs was inspired by dreams. Dreams that were dreamed. Dreams that were seen. Waking dreams. Shadow dreams. Individual dreams. Collective dreams.”


Songs of Dreams

1 Breathe

2 Deeper NIghts Deeper Dreams

3 The Eye of the Owl

4 Breathe the Sun

5 Choices

6 Goddess Dance

7 Changes

8 Urgency

9 Growth in the Garden

10 Turning into Normal (What Once Felt Strange)

11 Waiting

12 Dreamt

Please visit the Contributors page for more information about the sources, contributors and collaborators who made Songs of Dreams possible.