A Wanderer’s Way is an eclectic practice guided by ancient and emerging techniques to facilitate wholeness.

  • Breath

  • Somatic Release & Resource

  • Guided Meditation

  • I Ching

  • Tarot

  • Dreams

  • Conscious Awareness

  • Chimes, Sound & Music

  • Creative Expression

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“The Sage uses the image of the wanderer to describe the person who is on the path of freeing and bringing to maturity his true self.”

The Cosmic Way


The body knows. . .

The realm of the unconscious has its own language expressed in symbols and sensation. It can include puns, secrets, personal idiosyncrasies. It includes the energy of archytypal meansing. It speaks to us through sleeping and waking dreams, inspirations, epiphanies. When understood, it is a language that resonates with revelation and inspiration. It is a language of transformation. It is a language of healing.



I have a masters degree in marriage and family therapy. I am immersed in studying somatic techniques for treating trauma. I am fluid in the language of dreams, symbols and signs.

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