The practice, A Wanderer’s Way, offers ancient and emerging techniques to facilitate healing beyond recovery.

Somatic Resonance Release & Resource

Nervous System Regulation

Guided Meditation * Active Imagination

I Ching * Tarot * Dream Guidance & Interpretation

Embodiment * Grounding *Movement

Chimes * Sound * Song

Creative Expression

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“The Sage uses the image of the wanderer to describe the person who is on the path of freeing and bringing to maturity his true self.”

The Cosmic Way



Individual and small group sessions are offered in my home studio and garden located in North Hollywood, California.  I also offer remote sessions by phone, and video chat (FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, etc.), and am available for housecalls (referral only).

I offer my services on a sliding scale basis depending on the duration of our session and the type of work we do together.  Specific session types include:

  • One-Hour Session (can include counseling, creative practice, somatic release, dream work, IChing or Tarot consultation, movement, or guided meditation depending on your needs).  One-hour sessions are available in person, by phone, or by video chat.

  • Table Work/Point Holding Process (typically 90 minutes). Table work involves hands-on somatic work that facilitates deeper release and processing.  Table work sessions are available at my studio or your place.  

  • 30-minute phone/video chat sessions are also available for check ins, dream interpretation, IChing or Tarot consultation.


The body knows. . .

The realm of the unconscious has its own language expressed in symbols and sensation. It can include puns, secrets, personal idiosyncrasies. It includes the energy of archytypal meanings. It speaks to us through sleeping and waking dreams, inspirations, epiphanies. When understood, it is a language that resonates with revelation and inspiration. It is a language of transformation. It is a language of healing.




Certified Somatic Practitioner (PHP and PNE)

Integrating Creative and Healing Arts

For Wellness and Personal Development


Susan Ackerman Joseph, MFT  (Valley Village, CA) is a lifetime wanderer in the realm of the creative experienced through dreams, nature and esoteric practice. A certified somatic practitioner, trained psychotherapist, and multi-media artist (aka SackJo22), her offerings integrate creative and healing arts to bridge mystic wisdom with existential practicality.

Susan studied and trained as a psychotherapist receiving a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Phillips Graduate Institute (1996). She received post-graduate training and clinical experience at The Maple Center. She worked at Didi Hisrch Community Mental Health Center providing short-term crisis counseling, intake, and suicide hotline support.  She also worked with adult individuals in private practice as a clinical intern. Her journey as a therapist was cut short 1999 when she faced a different direction after suffering a life-altering loss.

In 2019, Susan became a certified somatic practitioner after completing training with Catalina Ureta (Somatic Institute) and Judith Johnson (Psychoneuroenergetics)  who have been serving as somatic practitioners and teachers for decades. The training covered a variety of somatic-based modalities including: techniques from Somatic Experiencing, Point Holding Process developed by John Whitman Ray, somatic resonance and release techniques based on polyvagal theory and nervous system regulation, including innovative techniques for working with the social engagement system (Stephen Porges, Stanley Rosenberg, Thor Philipsen)  

Susan was introduced to Tarot and Iching by her mother when she was still a youngster. For the past 10 years, she has been a diligent student of the IChing, drawing largely on : IChing : The Oracle of the Cosmic Way (2002), C. Anthony and H. Moog; Total I Ching: Myths for Change (2003) S. Karcher; The Toltec IChing (2009) M. Ramirez-Oropreza and W.D. Horden.  Over the course of several years, Susan also worked individually with Lauren Schneider, the creator of Tarotpy which deepened her facility working with symbols and imagery.  

As a multi-media artist Susan (aka SackJo22) has experience and training in a variety of modalities that find their way into her work: improv theater, music, rhythm, sound, movement, writing, drawing, building.  An advocate for sharing culture, Susan shares her voice and music at ccMixter where she has been remixed over 1,000 times; her music appears in thousands of videos. A frequent collaborator, the seeds of Susan’s integrative practice come from collaborations with Angela Grillo (artist and Dreamcrafting) and b.r. Etja (artist/dreamworker); together they created and produced conceptual integrative theater as The Reflective Collective and A Crow’s Calling.  Some of her notable artistic accomplishments include spearheading the White Cube Remix Project an international on-line music event that culminated in a sonic installation at an historic art gallery in Oslo, Norway; creating music and soundscapes for theater;  and, releasing her first full length album Songs of Dreams in 2018.

For more information or to book a session, please contact me by clicking the envelope icon below.